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 Feature Suite 

Explore a Suite of Intelligent Features which help you to get the Right Knowledge from the Right Person at the Right Time!

Skill Passport

Create Digital Skill Identities for 
All your Employees


Enable employees to add their validated skills, competencies and Knowledge Areas. Use it to build a Knowledge Inventory for your organisation.

 Key Highlights 

Employees can discover knowledge mentors, relevant knowledge and trainings on the basis of Skill Passports.

Managers can plot the skill capabilities, learning interests, projects, certifications and achievements of all employees in real-time. 

Management can track rising talent, compatibility and engagement levels and understand the knowledge sociogram of the organisation

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87% of Organisations globally will experience employee Knowledge gaps in the next 5 years

Resolve Employee Queries at Lightening Speed with Buzzbox

Never let an Employee query go unattended with BHyve. Our AI connects them with internal knowledge or experts instantly.

 Key Highlights 

Sales and Customer Success teams get real-time enablement support by posting their questions on the Buzzbox


R&D teams never need to start from scratch, because Buzzbox’s FAQs acts a foundation of tribal knowledge


Engineering teams share code snippets, learn from experts across projects to bring your projects to life faster

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2 Hours Daily are wasted by Employees looking for answers easily known to Colleagues

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Create your Organisation's Employee
Wisdom Wiki

Empower Employees to share their best practices, insights, knacks and know-hows to build Shared Knowledge.

 Key Highlights 

Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and Ops teams can document success and failures, centralise assets and FAQs, and share tips.


Engineering, Project and Product teams can build together, and tap into expertise when they need it, to deliver faster and better


Employees across the organisation get personalised knowledge feed to support their learning & growth

80% of the organisation's knowledge sits either in Silos or is Undocumented.

Employee Wisdom Wiki
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Transform Subject Matter Experts into Knowledge Mentors

Build knowledge bridges between employees and facilitate a robust Peer to Peer Knowledge Transfer.

 Key Highlights 

Empower new employees to seek our mentorship from internal experts

Attract top talent by making mentorship a cultural pillar of your organisation

Identify & nurture high potential employees through leadership interaction matches

Employees who have a Mentors at their workplace are 7X more productive and stay 1.5X longer

Knowledge Mentors

One powerful search to access all Knowledge assets in seconds

BHyve indexes all the knowledge within the organisation and provides previously asked questions, mentors and knowledge in single search. 

 Key Highlights 

Reduce search fatigue by enabling results that take you to specific lines and keywords in large documents

Speed up mentor discovery by letting employees search for mentors by skills

Access knowledge sitting across platforms by connecting them to BHyve’s intelligent search

2 out of 3 searches on Google end in Failure, but on BHyve the chance of resolving your query is >95%

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Every Knowledge Sharing action earns you Buzzpoints and Rewards

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Turn knowledge-sharing goals into a game, where employees get rewarded with Social Recognition and vouchers from Reward partners.

 Key Highlights 

A dynamic points system lets managers and business leaders reward knowledge sharing or seeking actions that drive value for the organisation.

Leaderboard allows employees to realistically assess their consistency and skills and set up goals they want to accomplish in beating the high performers at their organisation.

A pan-organisation, centralised points and leaderboard setup provide a starting point for workplace inclusion. 

Employee adoption and sustenance on the platform increases a staggering 5X times when the platforms are gamified

Knowledge Search

Shine the spotlight on your Subject Matter Experts and spread their knowledge org-wide

Host Live Masterclasses from Subject Matter Experts and distribute their knowledge within relevant stakeholders.

 Key Highlights 

Enable Subject Matter Experts to host expert classes live on BHyve so their colleagues get to interact with senior leaders and domain experts on topics of importance.

Allow leaders to host AMAs, fireside chats, townhalls and company all-hands to build a two-way information channel between leaders and employees.

​Search results to yield specific video content in seconds where users can find information from relevant masterclass videos.


Learning from Subject Matter Experts and their experiences is 5X more effective than learning from an LMS

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Deliver Contextual Training based on Employee Knowledge Needs

Based on Employee's Knowlege seeking and sharing behavior, direct them to internal training through a powerful LMS

Learning Managers can create content, set up assessments, track progress, send reminders, and measure completion.

Employees can attend mandatory online training, attempt tests and report their performance. 

HR teams can download metrics of all LMS activity, understand top performers, schedule retests and determine the plan of action for structured classroom style training for employees.

Personalised Learning experiences are adopted 5X times faster by employees as compared to generic learning systems.

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Even if Employees leave your Organisation, their Knowledge Doesn't.

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