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The most important inventory of your business: Employee Skill Inventory

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

“Wow! Is that still on an excel sheet? We are in 2020!”

“You know most companies don’t even maintain this.”

“Oh, God!”

You must have guessed from the title of the blog what we are talking about here; ‘Employee Skill Inventory’. If you are an HR leader reading this blog, a great self-reflective question is ‘Do I know my employees well enough to identify them by their skill sets?’ If the answer is no, then continue reading. If the answer is yes, continue reading to know how technology can scale your knowledge.

If you think about it, the wheels and the soul of your organisation are the skills of your employees. The wheels are the demonstrative and technical skill sets; whereas leadership, communication and other soft skills are the soul of your organisation. But where does one find these skills? Maybe in the job descriptions, in those interviews or those water cooler conversations. But that’s now how progressive organisations operate!

The very identity of a progressive organisation is its ability to leverage technology to achieve better processes. The engine of a progressive organisation is its ability to source, create, and document knowledge. The value of the technology and knowledge only makes sense when it is provided to the right person in the shortest amount of time. Now as an HR leader, you may appreciate the possibility of sourcing and storing knowledge of all your employee’s skills in a dynamic database. But, the question which haunts is, ‘How do we do that?’

The answer may lie in a simple exercise with your employees. Create an opportunity to represent your employees with their top skills. The employees would love to be recognised by the skills they possess. Circulate a form wherein the employee can fill in their top 5 skills and source them into a single database. It would be a wonderful idea to encourage your employees to not only record their work related skills but also their soft and non-professional skills. It definitely would make your employee skill inventory extremely versatile. Repeat this every month to be abreast of all the new skills you are learning throughout pieces of training.

But wait, we’re in 2020… There should be a better way to do it! With BHyve, you can create opportunities for your employees to make their Skill Cards. These Skill Cards represent the skills, competencies, and knowledge your employees possess. Moreover, they resemble trump cards, so that your employees enjoy filling them up.

At BHyve, we truly believe in providing important information quickly. If you are thinking about your first step towards the Digital Transformation of your organisation, creating your employee Skill Cards with BHyve ought to be the first step.

Reach out for a free consultation with our organisational psychologist to know how you can make your organisation’s own Employee Skill Inventory.


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