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Remote Work kills Productivity: BHyve’s 4 Step Buzzbox fixes it for you right away!

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

How often have you found yourself stuck in a never-ending loop of web search while looking for a quick answer at work? Normally you’d take a walk to the watercooler, find a colleague who can help you, or just bring it up over lunch with a friend. 

But what happens when you’re working from home, and the only being around you is your pet?

A McKinsey report found that employees spend 1.8 hours every day—9.3 hours per week, on average—searching and gathering information. Effectively, 1 out of every 5 employees spends all their time searching for answers and not contributing any real value. This is the ultimate horror story for business leaders across the globe. 

The scenario gets doubly serious when you look at remote teams. Remotely onboarded employees are at the risk of asking the same questions, wasting critical time looking for information, since they can’t meet people face to face. Usually, the information they need is very specific, very contextual information. Things that no SEO based Google search can yield. And things that definitely don’t need long painful hours of training. What they need is a quick fix – They need the less is more approach to knowledge!

The ‘Less is More’ approach to Effective Workplace Learning

The hallmark of the information age was access to abundant knowledge available for all. One quick search would lead the user to reams of relevant cases, blogs, tutorials. 

But as we transition into the Experience age, time is precious. And so what employees need is not just access to information, but the right snippet of information at the right time. This is the Less is More approach of effective learning. 

Workplace learning today isn’t about organising a mass of data on a static webpage and making it available for employees to look through. Technology today enables us to better understand the needs of every user, and create a personalised learning experience that delivers the most contextual, most relevant information from a key stakeholder to the user, in a format that’s easy to consume and implement. 

What businesses need is Just-in-Time Learning!

What is Just-in-Time Learning?

Just-in-Time learning is an outcomes-based approach that focuses on giving employees the information they need, at the right time, in the easiest possible manner. It is not having to wait around for formal training or for a chance meeting with the relevant subject matter experts. 

Just-in-time learning has evolved from the demands of knowledge-driven and speed-oriented businesses. A basic application of just-in-time learning can help companies drive value in a variety of ways;

  1. It enhances productivity by making information readily available, cutting time and money spent in search

  2. It increases knowledge retention, as employees are able to immediately apply the information gained. The less information actually helps the employees do more. 

  3. It increases the learning satisfaction of employees, as they feel more accomplished after using knowledge acquired immediately

One of the outcomes of the evolved working setup of the last year is the cultural shift in how we view work and the value of employee time. Due to hybrid and flexible working style, companies today value the outcomes of the employee, as opposed to hours spent at the desk. So what businesses need is the right technology enablers, who can help employees do more with their time. 

BHyve’s hero feature, Buzzbox, facilitates Just-in-Time learning through a very important and underrated asset – Peers!

How Does the Buzzbox work?

BuzzBox is your one-stop feature to get just-in-time answers to your queries. Just follow these three simple steps: 

  1. Stuck at a problem at work? Go ahead and post a question with #skillname on the Buzzbox!

  2. BHyve’s smart algorithms immediately locates and nudges the relevant Subject Matter Experts to offer you just-in-time learning

  3. The answers that come in can be marked as helpful, to build a company wide set of FAQs

  4. The next time someone asks a question, the AI will first study existing knowledge and offer the most relevant answer.  

With BHyve’s Buzzbox, companies can enable employees to seamlessly share tacit knowledge, build on each employee’s experience and deliver learning outcomes that deliver business value and save crucial time for employees. Information that usually would take hours to find, is made available in 1/10th of the time, in the most contextual manner. 

Think about the time a lawyer would save, if they are able to access questions about a 10 year old case, with a quick buzzbox query. 

Build a culture of learning and collaboration

Some of the most successful companies in the world look at enabling employees through interdependence as a way to foster a winning culture. From Google to Amazon to Yelp, companies that stand out for their culture look at peer learning, and employee collaboration as key to their repeated success. 

Buzzbox can help you build a culture where employees are encouraged to ask questions, and lean onto their colleagues for help without fear of retribution. The interactions and solutions found via the Buzzbox foster a feeling of camaraderie, a sense of belonging and engagement within employees. It unlocks a spirit of collaboration and quick thinking within employees, a value trait that millennials look for in workplaces. 

Save time and avoid repetition

A major concern for organisations and a true put-off for employees is repetition of work. 95% of times when employees are stuck at work, the solution has probably been discussed or implemented by a fellow colleague. 

With the Buzzbox, employees can locate and connect with these peers, get quick solutions and not have to reinvent the wheel every time they hit a roadblock! The time and effort saved in this directly adds to the company’s bottomline and employee wellbeing. 

BHyve can help you unlock value at your workplace!

Buzzbox was built on the idea that knowledge sharing and collaboration should not happen by chance, but by design. 

At BHyve, we understand that your employees are your biggest asset. Enabling them with the right technology, the most effective collaborative environment is the key to business success and employee wellbeing.

Schedule a demo session with BHyve to learn more about the value BHyve can add to your workplace. 

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