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If only Dory, the fish, had BHyve… Rewire your workplace learning to counter the forgetting curve.

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Remember “Dory”, the forgetful fish, from the Disney movie “Finding Dory?  Imagine running a company full of Dorys. Are you already having a headache? Well, fret not. Ebbinghaus and BHyve know how to help you! 

Ebbinghaus who? How can he help me?

Ebbinghaus proposed the concept of the forgetting curve – the decrease in ability of the brain to retain memory over time back in 1885. 

Modern workplace research on the theory shows that 50% of newly learned information is lost within an hour. It adds up to 70% of it vanishing within 24 hours. Imagine if you forget half of a new song you started to write and to learn to play on the guitar. You’d probably never get to the chorus!

Just like Dory, your employees face the challenge of the forgetting curve. All the time, money and brainpower that you spend in learning something new will be good for nothing! The moment your employees learn something new, there needs to be revision, application and repetition of the knowledge. If not, any resources spent on training and development of employees go to waste.

The best time to revisit a new piece of information is right after you experience it. For example, you attended an exciting salsa class over the weekend and left with your head full of new moves only to find that you can remember very little of it just a few hours later. Back to dancing with two left feet!

Just like Adam Sandler from the movie 5o First Dates who persuades Drew Barrymore, the girl who forgets everything new that happens to her, to fall in love with her, BHyve is here for you!

BHyve can help you design experiences where your employees share knowledge with their peers. Our advanced algorithms help employees discover and learn from subject matter experts on the go, ensuring teaching and learning is a constant experience.

BHyve’s collaborative learning, will boost employee knowledge retention, and challenge the forgetting curve of your workforce.

Teaching reinforces learning

Did you know that you retain 90% of what you learn by teaching others? While helping a colleague learn a particular skill, your employees revisit the basics too. Think of your coders, working on helping each other solve bugs, and getting hands on practice on their coding skills in the process. Now that’s a win-win for you!

Engaging & Personalized Learning

It’s always easier to remember things that have a message or meaning behind them. “P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney” You must have heard Dory repeat these words over a thousand times in the movie! Despite her challenge remembering things, Dory does not fail to remember this address as it was the road to Finding Nemo, her family. For your employees, building contextual learning, through live examples, case studies and success stories means employees understand the application of concepts. Personalised content that is tailored to your employees’ learning will ensure they are able to see the context, and retain it for longer.

Access knowledge anytime, anywhere

Running late for a meeting but need a quick review of last week’s notes? Access the documented knowledge anytime, anywhere. Using Post-its when attending a sales meeting for your company might seem easy but, documenting the information in an organized and logical sequence will help you review them later. When one employee makes an effort to document their learning experiences, others benefit from it too.

Well, with the above tips Dory would have been much more productive and not running around aimlessly. Don’t be like Dory (except for her cuteness, of course) We hope not but, probably an hour from now, you might forget about the forgetting curve which would be pretty sad!

Get in touch with us to avoid this at all costs, we got you!

Book a demo session with BHyve to learn more.

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