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Build a Manufacturing Centre of Excellence

Best Practices, Knacks and Know Hows and Insights are scattered across plants, factories and client locations. With BHyve, you are able to collect all the key information and make it accessible to everyone within the organisation.

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Reduce Downtime
Increase Efficiency

Improve throughput through timely troubleshooting - With the workforce across the organisation connected on a single network, shopfloor employees can get manufacturing bottlenecks resolved by asking questions and connecting with experts in real-time. 

BHyve @ Hindalco

BHyve has been transformational to help a large

corporation like Hindalco drive a cultural change

of sharing Knowledge.

 Mayuk Dasgupta | Head: Alliances & Digital

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Retain Knowledge
of your Retiring Workforce

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As a majority of manufacturing talent nears retirement, documenting their knowledge is the only way to pass these practices to the younger incoming workforce. A centralised knowledge repository means veterans can encode their experiences, which can be repurposed over the future.

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With Bhyve we see a distinctive knowledge harvesting and retention mechanism as well as peer to peer learning and collaboration. 

Vikas Bhatia | Managing Director

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Foster Shopfloor Camaraderie

A connected shopfloor network of engineers and managers is important to ensure the team is up for challenges and able to think of innovative solutions and collaborate in the face of automation, external challenges and changing business requirements.


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