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Build a competitive edge through Employee knowledge

Increase execution speed by getting all the internal know-how of the organisation at one single easy-to-access place. Provide the Knowledge of the Organisation in the flow of Work for Employees.

Increase Processing Speed

With a streamlined knowledge base where employees can access relevant facts, cases, queries and documents in realtime, employees are able to speed up case processing and deliver better outcomes for their clients

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Reduce Hiring & Training Strain

BHyve’s unified knowledge experience means employees can get structured training, on-the-job query resolution, and streamlined onboarding, making us best friends with the HR and LnD Leaders.

No Repeat Tasks

As Employees type in their query on BHyve, our algorithm identifies whether this task has happened before or someone has asked a similar question in the history of the organisation.

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Passing tacit knowledge is very people dependent and channelizing knowledge is always a challenge. With Bhyve, we have found a solution to document this enormous amount of valuable tacit knowledge.

Vipul Bansal | CEO

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