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Get personalized recommendations and learning journeys for all employees.

Recommendation based Peer Learning

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Employee Learning Interest
Individual Development Plans
Compatibility with Peers
Previous Peer Learning Lessions
Previous Research and User Behavior 
Employee Clusters

Feature overview

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Employee Skill Passports

Plot employee skills against Individual
Development Plans and learning interests.

Skills and Capabilities
Individual Development Plans
Learning Interest
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Endorsements and Badges
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Employee Skill Passport
Recommendation Based peer learning
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Source quick responses to employee questions from
internal Subject Matter Experts.

Dont waste time searching Answers

Employee Asks Query
Identify Skill Required
Identify Subject Matter Expert
Answer Marked as FAQ
Get the Query Resolved
Nudge Subject Matter Expert
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Filter Based Accessibility 
Recommendation Engine Pushed
On Demand Knowledge Provided
Dynamic Wikipedia 
Metatag Content with Relevent Skills
Source Tacit Knowledge 

Create a unified and accessible repository of all employee knowledge.

Employee Wisdom Wikipedia

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Employee wisdom Wikipedia
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People Analytics

Insights and Sociograms
Career Maps
Employee Engagement Index
Employee Skill Gaps
Employee Skill Inventory
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Insights and sociogram
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