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From Novices to Ninjas,
with BHyve Learning

A comprehensive learning suite to upskill your employees and set them up for growth. Assign courses, deliver live tranings and connect them to internal mentors and drive a culture of learning.

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Some of Our Happy Clients

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A learning experience platform that your
employees will actually use!

Empower Employees 
to learn faster, better

Create learning journeys for your employees, where

Expand Your Employees’ Horizons with Engaging Masterclasses

Subject Matter Experts can host expert classes live, allowing colleagues to interact with senior leaders and domain experts. Leaders can also host AMAs, fireside chats, town halls, and company all-hands.

Mentor Matchmaking
Find Your Perfect Partner in Learning

Experience the power of peer-to-peer learning. Bhyve’s advanced recommendation system suggests the perfect mentor for your skill acquisition needs.

Track Your Employees’ Progress Reach Your Goals with Ease

Mandatory online training is made easy to attend and check performance. HR teams have control, to download metrics, understand top performers, schedule retests, and plan structured classroom-style training.

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Experience BHyve just in 30 Minutes

From Know-How to Grow-How

Brain-Gain, Not Pain
Collaborate for Better Learning!

By having access to the right information at the right time, employees can work more efficiently and effectively, improving overall productivity.

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Mentors and Masters Make Your Learning Faster!

By connecting with experts and mentors through masterclasses and mentor matchmaking, employees can level up their skills in no time!

Learning Together is a Blast, P2P Knowledge Transfer for the Win!

With peer-to-peer knowledge transfer, employees can share their experiences and insights, making learning a fun and collaborative experience!

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Integrate BHyve seamlessly with tools and platforms you use everyday.

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BHyve made our employees more aware of the knowledge and expertise that they can provide one another made them work together more frequently and sharing their knowledge and abilities.

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Get your ticket
to the Future of Work,Today!

We are experts in driving a culture of knowledge sharing for organization's both large and small. Let’s collaborate to launch an Employee Knowledge Sharing Platform which delivers high ROI.

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