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BHyve was conceptualized during the pandemic, with one question in mind “How can companies keep
employees productive and engaged while they transition to remote work?”
The key to employee productivity and engagement, we realised, is in access to tacit knowledge – knowledge
that can help employees do their work better, connect and collaborate while being remote, learn and grow on
the job. Employees waste close to 10 hours a week, looking for information, that exists in the brains and diaries
of fellow employees, and companies lose billions of dollars.

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The future of work is remote, collaborative and social. Access to tacit knowledge, is the edge companies need
to flourish in this environment. Our vision with BHyve is to facilitate an approachable culture that encourages
free knowledge sharing and celebrates altruism at workplace.

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We believe in simple design, cutting edge technology and a single-point focus on employee experience. We
are not here to just build a valuable company; we are here to be your partners to ensure that your employees
are happy, skilled and engaged.

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Our Partner & Investors 

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